Lately there have been a number of scam schemes in chat that could affect you In Real Life. Please read carefully since this can save you a lot of trouble!

Hacked Accounts

There are players offering free "Premium" Accounts. They can be used to login Premium, as well as Cracked Servers.
Mojang's policy is to ban such users. When this happens you will lose the abillity to login Premium Servers.
The worst part is your IP gets banned from the Premium Mojang Launcher. This means no more Premium Minecraft for you even if you buy the game.
Do not accept free "Premium" accounts from players. Ask yourself are you going to give out accounts you bought with your money to strangers?

Spy Links

Normal players can find your IP if you click on a link they give you.
Knowing your IP they can DDOS you, find your personal details or worse (bad things can happen)
The spy link is normally disguised as a shortened URL like:
  • TinyURL
You never know what is hidden behind a shortened URL so NEVER click them unless you trust those people.
If you do click on a spy link it will get your IP and redirect you to normal content like a picture. So you won't even realise you were fooled.
If you want to find out whats hidden behind a shortened URL you can use an URL Expander Tool like

Safe links to click are Youtube, Dropbox, Imgur, TinyPIC (not TinyURL), Gyazo, and other familiar sites.

"Can you come to my server?"

By joining a server you allow certain staff (with admin access) to see information about you like your IP.
They can also view any password you register with. Do not use one password for all your servers!

Joining unknown servers offered by strangers can be dangerous. Before you join make sure there are other people online. If there is noone of this server it's either a trap or not worth your time.
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[name]OP PvP[/name]
[rgba]rgba(150, 35, 108, 0.7)[/rgba]
[name]Hide & Seek[/name]
[subt]Find me![/subt]
[rgba]rgba(150, 35, 108, 0.7)[/rgba]
You need 3+ players to play Hide & Seek!

The seeker is chosen at random. All players spawn in the arena and those carrying a block in their inventory have to hide. When you stand still you appear as a normal block. When you move around the seeker sees walking blocks and can catch you!

So DO NOT MOVE once you hide!

The seeker has to run around searching for you. He can hit you. If the seeker finds everyone before the time is up, he wins.
Or if there are hidden players after the end of the countdown, they win.

You win credit tokens. With them you can buy different hiding blocks and disguise yourself better!
Have fun!

We are looking for people to build more arenas! If you are interested you can contact the Staff to find out how to build an arena.
[name]Semi Vanilla[/name]
[rgba]rgba(156, 86, 8, 0.7)[/rgba]
[txt]Welcome to Semi Vanilla Faction Server.

This is a Vanilla Minecraft Server with Faction Plugin. You can build a faction
and claim land. Only you can build on your claimed land. You must build
a base to keep other players out. Chests aren't protected so you must protect your base! TNT cannons
are allowed (This is how other people will break into your base since they cannot simply break blocks
on your land. TNTs can be shot at your base to break walls and allow other enemies to enter
your base and attack/steal your things!)

Isn't this challenging? Come and create your faction with us and expand it into the biggest faction
in the server! To make your game more interesting, our server organize monthly and weekly events.Some
of our events include Parkour, Raid Events, Last Man Standing, Drop Parties and even more!

We have friendly and helpful staff in our server to help you feel comfortable playing in here. They are
always ready to give you the assistance and support you need in the game.

We are a "Free To Play! Play To Win" server. You only need in-game money to purchase your rank. It's money stress free playing. No need to worry about players paying to win over you. Just work hard,
play smart and earn your in-game money and become the Top Richest Player in the server.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us now today and start your faction journey with us.
[name]The Walking Dead[/name]
[rgba]rgba(45, 6, 16, 0.7)[/rgba]
[txt]Remmeber the movie "TheWalkingDead"? Come and join us on a horrifying and challenging experience
in our Walking Dead server. Search for food and shelter during the days because you will have
a hard time staying alive with those blood sucking zombies roaming around at night. Can you
survive the night? Come and try it now.[/txt]
[subt]Build anything![/subt]
[rgba]rgba(17, 132, 0, 0.7)[/rgba]
[txt]For player who likes to build you can select to join our Creative Faction server. You can
create a faction n claim your building. No Raiding but beware of griefing. Because griefing
is possible if you invite the wrong faction member. So be careful when you chose your faction
[subt]Vanilla flavor...[/subt]
[rgba]rgba(0, 48, 132, 0.7)[/rgba]
Welcome to EvolutionFC 1.7.10 Server

1.7.10 Vanilla McMMO Server is what EvolutionFC is about. A vanilla server that you need to craft and build to survive in the world. You can create a faction, recruit members, strengthen your power, and fight to become the strongest faction in the server. Raiding and Griefing is allowed so beware who you invited into your home.

Ingame money buying rank with commands added to bring fun to your game. No donations No real money. Earn your money through selling of loots. Build farm get loot and sell for money.

Join back everyday to claim your daily rewards. Simply click the sign and redeem your daily reward. More will be added later to make the game more interesting.

There are friendly and helpful staff to help you in the server. They will be glad to assist you.

Come and join us now at


for a fun and exciting minecraft experience!
[name]Sky Wars[/name]
[rgba]rgba(143, 146, 3, 0.7)[/rgba]

[name]Survival Faction[/name]
[subt]1.12 MC without PvP delay![/subt]
[txt]Welcome to our new server FlashCraftMC Survival Faction.

Survival mode is the game mode of Minecraft in which players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the land in an effort to survive and thrive.

Surviving is the point. MC Survival Mode is a matter of you versus the world. Build what you can, with what you can find, as long as you can afford to do it without getting killed by enemies and mobs. Create your faction and expand it bigger by adding more members to boost your power. Strive to be the biggest Faction in the server and fight to over claim the others faction and raid their homes. Being strong n powerful is the only way to survive in the survival faction world. To survive or To be killed. Which one do you chose?

To all Minecraft PVP lovers, the pvp hitting in this server is modified to the 1.8 pvp standard. Thanks to some awesome plugins.
In-game money rank that gives you certain commands to help make your game more interesting and easier. Best part of this rank you need no real life money to buy it. Just work your way up n earn in game money, and the rank is yours. Isn't that easy? Come get your rank now! And start your challenge with us.

So come and join us today in our server. We have friendly n helpful staff to help you feel comfortable. [/txt]
[name]Sky Block[/name]
[subt]Don't fall![/subt]
[rgba]rgba(0, 109, 132, 0.7)[/rgba]